CSX Network Application and Configuration Certificate Exam

Prove your networking comprehension!

Difficulty: Beginner

CSF Domain: Identify


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The CSX Network Application and Configuration Certificate Exam assesses candidates understanding of network establishment and configuration.  The two-hour exam is a real-time, hands-on exam which challenges students to demonstrate their skill set in a live environment.


This two-hour exam contains no multiple-choice questions or simulations and intentionally restricts access to the internet. Where applicable, man pages and help files are available.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit Count: 4 (2 CPEs per examination hour) when a passing score is achieved.



Candidates must complete tasks of varying durations with minimal instruction while navigating between multiple virtual machines and are expected to:


Demonstrate an ability to:

  • Implement the OSI and DoD TCP/IP models
  • Enable and disable commonly used ports and protocols
  • Establish various network types
  • Implement and maintain network topologies and media types
  • Implement and maintain the Internet Protocol addressing schemes
  • Implement subnet masks and class subnetting
  • Leverage common IP address related protocols
  • Enhance security weaknesses of networks
  • Identify threats and vulnerabilities
  • Implement security assessments and testing
  • Assess common threat types
  • Leverage tools used to monitor and protect network assets
  • Implement network security mechanisms
  • Identify and implement various system hardening techniques
  • Determine security that meets your needs
  • Identify commonly targeted entry points
  • Identify common issues that must be overcome
  • Implement a variety of storage approaches
  • Implement patch and update management


Students must be comfortable leveraging networking tools, specifically:

  • PfSense
  • Wireshark
  • Linux Terminal commands
  • Networking configuration tools

Students wishing to gain training for the exam may find it here.