CSX Advanced Forensics Certificate Exam

Prove your advanced forensics techniques.

Difficulty: Advanced CSF Domain: Respond


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The CSX Advanced Forensics Certificate Exam assesses a candidate’s ability to accomplish advanced forensics tasks. These tasks will consist of network forensics, remote forensics, data extraction, steganography, and windows registry analysis

This one-hour exam contains no multiple-choice questions or simulations and intentionally restricts access to the internet. Where applicable, man pages and help files are available.

To train for this exam, please see the CSX Advanced Forensics Course.

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit Count: 2 (2 CPEs per examination hour) when a passing score is achieved.


Candidates must complete tasks of varying duration with minimal instruction and are expected to demonstrate an ability to:

  • Analyze network capture files to extract usernames and passwords
  • Filter network captures for specific protocols
  • Utilize steganography tools to uncover hidden data
  • Conduct port scans to identify local assets
  • Gather critical Windows OS files for forensic analysis
  • Utilize registry forensics tools

Students must be comfortable leveraging the following tools:

  • Tshark
  • Wireshark
  • RegRipper
  • Exiftool
  • Basic Linux Terminal commands