CSX Blockchain Basics Course

Learn how to practically apply blockchain basics.

Difficulty: Advanced CSF Domain: Protect


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CSX Blockchain Basics Course

Blockchain has become an increasingly useful technology. Every day, enterprises and small business are adopting blockchain to increase the integrity of their data. But what is blockchain? In this course we take you through the basic cryptologic functions, data structures, and configurations needed to implement blockchain technology.

Within the state-of-the-art Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) training platform, this course will help you:
  • Understand basic crypto functions.
  • Setup a peer-to-peer network and hyperledger.
  • Create a transaction.
  • Practice in an immersive live network environment.
  • Six-month access to train and test on your schedule, 24/7.
Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit Count: 20

This course includes:

Eight lessons with hands-on labs that focus on the basics of blockchain, plus two bonus “challenge” labs that test your new skills.

Lesson and LabCrypto Functions

This lab provides a practical introduction to the cryptologic functions utilized by blockchain technology. Python and CLI tools will be used to show the practical use of crypto functions.

Lesson and LabCrypto Block Creation

Discover the data structures that some blockchains use to organize and ingest data into the blockchain. We will use python to build out these data structures.

Lesson and LabCrypto Block Calculations

With a basic understanding of hashing and data structures it's time to start building our blockchain! In this lab we will utilize Python to build upon our actions in previous labs to create a genesis block.

Lesson and LabP2P Network Setup

A foundational aspect of blockchain is the ability for nodes to communicate to one another on a network. Let’s take a look at basic peer-to-peer network setup and configuration.

Lesson and LabHyperledger Fabric Setup

Hyperledger is an opensource platform for blockchain implementations. Now that we have a decent foundation of how blockchain functions we will start setting up an actual blockchain system on a few network nodes.

Lesson and LabCreating a Transaction

After setting up the open source utilities to implement a blockchain system, we can now put it to use. In this lab we’ll go through the process of using the blockchain for its most basic purposes – creating a transaction.

Lesson and LabCreating a Transaction 2

Now that our blockchain is setup for transactions we can take a look at all the functionality that this new capability has to offer within a transaction.

Lesson and LabCrypto Mining Simulation

Crypto Mining is a process used by public blockchains to solve cryptologic problems in a trustless peer-to-peer network. How is this accomplished? In this lab we’ll take you through the basic process of crypto mining using Python.

Lesson and LabChallenge Lab: Crypto Challenge

In this challenge lab you will need to use all of the cryptography and python skills learned in previous labs to complete the objectives.

Lesson and LabChallenge Lab: Hyperledger Challenge

In this challenge lab you will need to build out a transaction in Hyperledger.

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