CSX Cyber Hunt

Test your red team and blue team skills in this capture-the-flag style challenge.

Difficulty: Intermediate CSF Domain: All domains


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Go beyond typical lecture-style training to put participants’ cybersecurity skills to the test in a capture-the-flag challenge where they can compete against each other and their red teaming skills are evaluated in a live, real-world environment scored by the system.

Participants will leverage capabilities from all cybersecurity domains and gain skills in network scanning, vulnerability identification, system hardening, system exploitation, exploitation response and more.

Cyber Hunt from ISACA®’s Cybersecurity Nexus™ (CSX) offers 6 months’ access for participants to build and hone their skills, and see where they rank with other professionals through the platform’s newly enhanced real-time scoring.

Please note that this is meant to be a Challenge lab and does not provide step-by-step instructions like the Instructional labs do.
Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit Count: 8

Successful Cyber Hunters will demonstrate their abilities to:

  • Identify remote vulnerabilities.
  • Exploit remote vulnerabilities.
  • Navigate the Linux OS.
  • Conduct privilege escalation.
  • Basic python programming skills.
  • Packet analysis.
  • Forensics.
  • Network scanning.
  • Web application security testing.
  • And much more!