To provide a better user experience, ISACA will be updating our cybersecurity content and transitioning a select group of courses from the Nexus to our ISACA Perform platform. Courses will undergo a complete content refresh and an improved user experience. Performance-based labs will have an upgrade to the grading system, as well as enhanced step-by-step instructions. This content will become available in 2023.

Current training will still be available via your Nexus account and will expire on or before 28 February 2023, depending on when you made your purchase.

The last day to take the CSX-P exam will be 30 April 2023. If your CSX-P exam is scheduled for 31 March 2023 or later, retakes will no longer be available. No exceptions. After 30 April 2023 we will be sunsetting the CSX-P Certification. Current CSX-P holders will be able to continue maintaining their CSX-P Certification. ISACA is developing a new Cybersecurity Certification Exam. Be on the lookout for additional information as it becomes available.

We are excited for this opportunity to serve you better, with brand-new content and an improved experience.